About Us


CBRAIN – Coimbra Advanced Innovation, Lda. is a Portuguese company dedicated to the promotion and management of high-tech, high-risk, high-growth innovation projects.

As an innovation agent, whose main objectives are the diagnostic, knowledge valorization and technology transfer to the market, CBRAIN actively contributes to its costumers, and their surrounding ecosystems, competitiveness and innovation by means of stimulating stakeholders collaboration. This commitment covers both national and international landscapes, including industry and public research institutions, as well as other entities.

CBRAIN stands out in a competitive marketplace because of its continuous and full engagement along the several steps of a new product or service project development. The distinction from competitors lays in the contrasting and sustained advantages of a new innovation paradigm – a persistent search for market mutation, providers and techno-scientific system besides a continuous search for new ideas and solutions. This methodology leads to the creation of winning products, more efficient processes and organizations able to make progresses with all opportunities.

CBRAIN  devotes to the stimulation of sustained innovation and competitiveness of each and particular costumes, paving the way to a market success, with new and better solutions.


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