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Circular Economy

Circular economy consists of an entirely revolutionary approach to production and consumption that enables the development of innovation, new products, services and new business models that contribute to a more balanced and creative relationship between companies, consumers and natural resources, preserving the natural and financial capital of all stakeholders.

Industry 4.0

CBRAIN develops and implements optimisation systems in industrial and process environments, based on the digitisation of data. In this way, it is intended to promote interconnectivity and operational excellence, thus boosting organisational changes in favor of greater competitiveness.

Product Design

At CBRAIN, fostering innovation and competitiveness is more than focusing on strategy, market or opportunity. CBRAIN team invests also in product design, feature improvements and functionality upgrade. This way, the solutions presented to the market solve undisclosed problems and sets up new marketplaces.

Economic & Financial Analysis

CBRAIN team analyses a project’s economic and financial viability, in addition to studies and reports on revenues, costs, profitability and sensitivity analysis, among others. The guidance provided by CBRAIN in the definition and management of performance indicators and metrics is crucial for a continuous project monitoring.

Communication & Marketing

For an effective and wide market entry, both communication and marketing plans must convey a project’s innovation strategy. CBRAIN conceives and prepares more than projects’ visual identity, either corporate or product. CBRAIN plans and sustains global communication strategies, in line with the value preposition.


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